Who funds us

Transparency is fundamental to democracy and we believe that all organisations trying to influence policy should be open about how they are funded. The next time you see us on TV you can be sure that our opinions are not pushing a hidden agenda.

The New Economics Foundation is proud to be independent of political parties and special interests. We are a registered charity and rely on a broad cross section of individuals, charities, companies and public sector funders to undertake our work.

We are delighted to thank our major funders, listed below. We are also very grateful to all of you, too numerous to name, who give generously each month or have donated to one of our appeals. Together we are a powerful movement for change: click here to donate.

NEF’s total income for 2013-14 was £3,556,076. This was derived from three sources: major grants and donations (listed below), individual supporters and donors, and earned income. We earn income through consultancy services in impact evaluation and organisational development for charities, the public sector and businesses – much of it through NEF Consulting. These contracts do not affect our research and advocacy agenda. Full financial information is available in our Annual Report and Accounts.

Name Amount (£)
Oak Foundation 416,982
The Hadley Trust 200,074
Sciencewise and the Cabinet Office 180,000
Network for Social Change 165,610
Adessium Foundation 127,060
The VELUX Foundations 115,158
European Commission – FP7 113,590
AIM Foundation 110,000
European Commission – Interreg 82,203
Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister 67,368
The Waterloo Foundation 52,000
Stichting DOEN 48,545
Arts Council England 44,955
The Tudor Trust 40,000
The Nationwide Foundation 37,667
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation 31,700
John Ellerman Foundation 30,000
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust 25,000
Kestrelman Trust 25,000
The Roddick Foundation 25,000
Tinsley Charitable Trust 25,000
HACAN East 20,000
R H Southern Trust 20,000
People’s Health Trust 20,000
The Connectus Kommonia Charitable Trust 17,300
The Tedworth Charitable Trust 15,000
Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network 15,000
Nesta and the Cabinet Office 14,090
Trust for London 11,500
BScope 11,225
Bielenberg Family Foundation 11,225
Oxfam GB 10,000
Roger de Freitas 10,000
Everyone at Lots Road Auctions 10,000
The Van Neste Foundation 10,000
Walton on Thames Charity 10,000
Anne Robbins 9,142
Barrow Cadbury Trust 7,250
City Bridge Trust 7,000
Joseph Rowntree Foundation 5,100
Sudhakar Ram 5,000
Sherwood Forest Fund 5,000