A World to Gain

Planning and fighting together for a new world of work

Organising together to fight for a fair and decent world of work has never been more vital. We are in the midst of a pandemic, suffering environmental breakdown and sliding into recession. Black and brown people, women, the poor, the elderly and the disabled have all suffered, while the bosses of companies such as SERCO have reaped rewards.

But we can turn the tide. A World To Gain is a major summit, convened by the New Economics Foundation, which will look at how people can build, shape and win a new world of work.

Taking place in two parts, the summit will bring together workers, unions, grassroots groups, charities, and others to provide training in successful methods of pandemic organising, and present usable research into how Covid will affect the world of work.

The summit will also help catalyse new alliances, so the demands all of us have in common become reality. The new normal must be one built by those who will live it.

If you are a worker, trade unionist, charity, grassroots group or workers organisation, and you want to learn from and support others, we want you to take part.

Attendance is free but spaces are limited.
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Agenda for 1st December (2 – 4.30pm, with breaks)

Opening speech by Dave Ward, General Secretary, the Communication Workers’ Union

Workshops and training. You can register to attend one of three workshops where you’ll hear from successful campaigners and organisers and get the chance to share their own experience with others:

How to Organise Unemployed Workers
Many unions and charities are about to see a huge increase in the numbers of their members and users who are unemployed. This workshop will cover the importance and challenges of organising workers who have no workplace, and how you can overcome them.

How to Organise and Take Action During Lockdowns
Bringing people together and taking action is incredibly hard right now. You’ll hear from two successful groups — Save Nour and Excluded UK — about how to build communities and take action during social distancing.

How to Keep People Safe at Work
Health and safety, often considered a boring pile of red tape, has become massively important during the pandemic. The CWU and others will share with you how health and safety demands can be used to not only keep people safe, but to fight the structures which put people at unnecessary risk.

Group discussion and reflection, led by Miatta Fahnbulleh, CEO of NEF
Miatta will lead a discussion and reflection on the economic challenges which people, movements and organisations may face in the coming months and years.


Agenda for December 8th (2 – 5pm, with breaks) 

Welcome and opening remarks from Miatta Fahnbulleh

The Facts and Figures — and What We Can Do About Them.
NEF economists will present research into how the Covid crisis will affect us all. How will things vary across the UK and across different sectors? 

Our organisers will then take a look at what can be done to stop this, presenting our findings of our summer-long in depth study into how workers, charities and unions responded to lockdown and what we can learn from their successes.

Solidarity in Action:
Participants will be split into three groups based on their common targets and causes. Based on your experiences and learning from the summit, you’ll take part in a workshop to strengthen your strategies and work out how you can support one another directly.

If you usually struggle to attend these sessions due to childcare issues or other costs, we have funding available to help with this, so please let us know what help you need during the registration process.

Closing Action - We’ll all take part in an online action as a group, and will reveal more on the day!

Attendance is free but spaces are limited.
Click here to register now.

NEF’s work in hosting this summit is funded and supported by the Communication Workers Union, Trust For London and the Network for Social Change.

If you back a recovery plan based around great public services, protecting the planet and reducing inequality, please support NEF to build back better.

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