The New Economy Spokesperson Network is a project, run jointly by the New Economics Foundation and the New Economy Organisers Network (NEON), to substantially boost the number of progressive, diverse voices in the mainstream media.

It has been designed to overcome the lack of coverage of key issues in the media. It provides training, coaching and PR booking support for people working on a range of issues, from migration rights to climate change, inequality to public health. So far we’ve had over 900 high-profile media bookings, including Newsnight, LBC, Channel 4 News, BBC 5 Live, Today, Sky News and ITV News.

The next round of training will take place on 4/5 October 2018. 
The deadline for applications is 9am Monday 27 August 2018.

The programme consists of:

  • Two days of training where we will cover everything from messaging and storytelling to interview preparation and non-verbal communication. Participants will practice a series of different interview formats in front of a camera with framing experts, producers and journalists.
  • Monthly follow-on trainings which can range from interview practice at a BBC studio, to networking events with journalists and peer-review sessions.
  • Following training, members of the network will then be promoted to media outlets by our communications team who offer expert advice to boost applicant profiles.

Who is it for?

We’re looking for people who have something to say on an issue that the media is likely to pick up – we’ll work with you on the rest. It doesn’t matter if you’ve not done media before or not – this programme will provide the tailored coaching and bookings you need to get to the next level.

For further information on the programme please contact

Booking our spokespeople

We offer a 24/7 booking line for journalists and can help place a wide range of spokespeople for your needs. Email or call us on 07926 222 879.