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The consultancy of the New Economics Foundation was founded in 2008. Through NEF Consulting, we help organisations to put new economics thinking into practice and to demonstrate the impact on ‘triple bottom line’ outcomes.

We provide strategy consulting, impact evaluation services and training and capacity building to a range of public, private and third sector clients. Our unique approach to delivering our consultancy work is based on three principles:

  • Holistic: an approach to analysis that considers social, economic and environmental challenges and opportunities as well as valuation of intangible social and environmental impacts.
  • Long-term: embedding longer term thinking into decision-making.
  • Co-production: working with a wide range of stakeholders to co-produce strategies with people and businesses, built on analysis of their needs and assets.

NEF develops radical policy solutions for today inspired by change we enable on the ground. We deliver this through our consultancy by….

  • Developing methodologies and tools to ‘adapt and grow’ examples of new economics.
  • Rolling out tested solutions to places and organisations.
  • Building the capacity of organisations and businesses to develop and implement new economic solutions
  • Demonstrating the social and environmental value and impact of organisations operating in different ways.

NEF Consulting enables organisations to flourish by cutting through complexity to highlight the relationships between social, economic and environmental factors and organisational performance. We help to strengthen organisational performance by integrating a true sense of value into decision-making.

NEF Consulting works with:

  • Government and public sector organisations including local authorities, national parks and universities.
  • Responsible businesses, including some large retailers, banks and property developers.
  • Charitable foundations, membership organisations and a wide range of civil society groups.

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