Local Wellbeing

Can we measure it?

Well-being is increasingly recognised by central and local government as being of key relevance to people’s lives and a vital consideration for improving local area outcomes.

This report explores why measuring well-being at the local level is important and suggests a measurement framework to guide action by local authorities and their partners in this area.

The report considers the role of policy making and service provision with regard to enhancing people’s experience of life – their well-being – alongside their conditions of life. Focusing on measurement, it looks at how to capture the feelings and experiences of residents and those using services locally.

In doing so it aims to support local authorities and their partners meet the aims of their Sustainable Community Strategy and Local Area Agreement and to support them in the shift to the new performance assessment framework, Comprehensive Area Assessment. It includes case study examples of local authorities and other agencies already taking action on measuring local well-being.



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