Change The Rules

Discover inspiring new economy projects around the UK

Change The Rules, the new website from NEF, allows us to imagine a different future.

New rules for the economy

Three missions to transform our failing economic system

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Weekly Economics Podcast: The rent is too high

Rents are sky high. Saving for a deposit can take a decade or longer. And for many people, property ownership seems unachievable.

But what if we could do something about it? Could rent controls be the answer? To help answer this question, Ayeisha is joined by Hanna Wheatley, researcher at NEF, and Eva Freeman, private renter and member of the London Renters Union.

Power and accountability in the digital economy

Data and big tech companies have more and more power. As the digital economy develops, we need to put people and society at the centre.

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An economy for the people, by the people

Six stepping stones to a new economy