Monday 15 April 2019
10 Salamanca Place, SE1 7HB

What if algorithms are capable of reinforcing oppressive social relationships, enacting new kinds of racial profiling and redlining?

Algorithms have a huge influence on the way that we see the world. We increasingly understand news through social media — as libraries shut down more of our knowledge is found with the click of a search engine rather than in books or classrooms.

But the algorithms that underpin our every interaction with the digital world are not neutral. They are created by humans, and reflect the biases of the people who write them.

Join NEF in hosting Safiya Umoja Noble, author of Algorithms of Oppression.

Safiya will discuss her recent book and respond to questions from the audience.

Tickets free but spaces are limited, so book early to avoid missing out. 

Image: Chris Ried on Unsplash