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Forget Hard vs Soft Brexit, the new division in government is between trade liberals and protectionists

And nowhere is this more obvious than in farming

London workspace doesn’t need to be unaffordable

The Affordable Workspace Manifesto will help save independent businesses

3 challenges the Spring Statement should address

Philip Hammond has been downplaying tomorrow’s Statement, but now is not the time to shy away from tackling the UK’s problems

Price caps are a plaster on our broken energy market

Competitive markets are only a means to an end. It’s now clear that real alternatives are needed.

Housing crisis: big speeches, small steps

Clampdown on planning loopholes is welcome, but housebuilding cannot be left to private developers

IWD2018: 4 examples of fearless women working for change

This International Women’s Day, four members of NEF staff celebrate the women who inspire them

Communities are building the affordable homes that London needs

Keeping land in public hands is the key to better housing

People-powered housing: is it the answer to our housing crisis?

The view from Birmingham

Three things we learned about how people see the economy

Key findings from Framing the Economy

Why fracking is in big trouble

The more the industry tries to force shale gas on angry communities, the more toxic it becomes

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