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Migrants in the care sector contribute £17 million to the English economy every day

New figures reveal huge contribution migrants make to social care

The unheard stories of precarious work

Why college cleaners are striking, in their own words

Cold truths about our cold homes

We can’t continue with this annual ritual of concern – Government needs to take action

There are fairer ways to spread prosperity than universal basic income

Better alternatives include universal public services and a minimum income guarantee

A day of reckoning for UK housing

Politicians might finally be ready to think seriously about land

Why workers’ rights are good for the economy

A new index shows how greater economic democracy leads to more prosperity.

Can anyone compete with Uber?

Ethical alternatives are possible, and are popping up across the world.

Don’t fall for the Government’s sleight of hand

The new environmental charm offensive isn’t all that it seems.

Carillion’s collapse matters more than you thought

PFI increased costs and cut quality. But there are alternatives.

Change on the coast

A new partnership between NEF and Local Trust will put coastal communities in control of their future.

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