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Millions struggling to cope with credit card debt

Four in ten British adults are worried about their levels of debt

Watch: NEF CEO Miatta Fahnbulleh on BBC Question Time

See what she had to say on the inequality crisis and Brexit

NEF in the news, January 2018

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

New poll: 82% of Uber users ready to quit the service

Four-fifths of Uber customers would use an ethical alternative – and over half would pay a higher fare to do so App-based companies like Uber and Deliveroo are facing multiple legal challenges relating […]

Four out of five homes built on NHS land are unaffordable to nurses

Instead of selling off NHS land, the Government should create a People’s Land Bank and use the land to build affordable homes

Why are profit-making factories closing across England?

There are more than 660,000 fewer people working in manufacturing in England than there were in 2005. But these plants are profitable – and their closure should be avoidable.

As Brexit dominates, its causes are being forgotten

The perennial and tragic irony is that the very conditions which led to Brexit are being eclipsed by the government’s total preoccupation with it.

NEF in the news, December 2017

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

New research: London’s transport gig economy grows by 82% since 2010

Number employed in transport sector has fallen by 9%.

NEF in the news, November 2017

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

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