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The rise of the data oligarchs

New technology isn’t disrupting power – it’s reinforcing it

Measuring wellbeing inequality

What are the appropriate indicators of wellbeing inequality?

How to make the case for community-led housing on public land

A guide for community groups

Making the case: 1. The context

Legislation and regulations around using public land for community-led housing

Making the case: 2. Addressing ‘best consideration’

How community-led housing can address the ‘best consideration’ requirement – and win

Making the case: 3. Case studies

How ‘best consideration’ stunts affordable housing developments, and how it can be challenged

Making the case: 4. Building an evidence base

Three steps to making the case for ‘best consideration’

Making the case: 5. Backing up your arguments

Existing research and evidence on the benefits of community-led housing

Health as a Social Movement: Theory into Practice

Six vanguard sites across the UK are working to transform their communities

A fair and sustainable fisheries bill

Without action, Brexit risks creating as many ‘losers’ as ‘winners’ across the diverse UK fishing fleet

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