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New map shows where public land is up for sale – and brings people together to save it

We’re in the middle of a Government-led public land sale, and most people don’t even know it’s happening

Putting public land to public use – a first step

We often talk about the housing crisis, and the unaffordability of homes and rent – but we rarely talk about the land beneath our homes, and its role in the crisis. Across the […]

Making the case for affordable housing on public land

We must use public land in the public interest.

The real winner of this year’s Rich List

Never mind people – the UK’s top earner is land and property

How to fix the housing crisis: Take land seriously

Targets for building new homes will not be met if we fail to address the broken land market.

Why the Bank of Mum and Dad is another sign of trouble in our housing market

Britain’s broken housing is driving a wedge between generations

Watch: Watch NEF’s Alice Martin on Sky News discuss the triple squeeze on living standards

Households across the country are struggling to meet the basic costs of living

Record numbers on zero hour contracts

New ONS labour stats are out this morning and on the surface all appears well, with UK unemployment remaining low. But beneath the surface we have an insecure work crisis reaching breaking point.

Put public land to public use

The government sell-off of public land is making the housing crisis worse.

This housing white paper is too little, too late

Our housing system is broken. Too many of us are trapped in poor quality homes that we can’t afford.

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