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There are fairer ways to spread prosperity than universal basic income

Better alternatives include universal public services and a minimum income guarantee

Are universal public services the answer to Europe’s widening inequalities?

New study suggests that extending public services would combat rising inequality and strengthen social cohesion.

The people, the commons and the public realm

How can we take control of the resources we need to survive?

Building a new social commons

The people, the commons and the public realm

How communities build control

We’re working with people who are taking control and making a difference

Local early action: how to make it happen

Report from the Southwark and Lambeth Early Action Commission

People, planet, power

A framework for deciding how we live together and what we expect from our governments

The wrong medicine

A review of the impacts of NHS reforms in England

10 reasons for a shorter working week

Telecoms billionaire Carlos Slim last week became the latest, perhaps unlikely, advocate of transforming our work-life balance. Speaking at a business conference in Paraguay, Slim suggested that a new three-day working week could […]

Basic human needs: what are they?

Social justice and environmental sustainability are twin goals of NEF’s work on a new social settlement, which explores the future of Britain’s welfare system in the face of rising inequality, accelerating climate change […]

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