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Watch: No more Carillions

Shareholder capitalism is in crisis – here’s how we can fix it.

Shareholder Capitalism

A System in Crisis

7 principles for a sovereign wealth fund

How to build a fund for Britain

Making money from making money

Who has control over the supply of new money and what benefits does it bring?

Three reasons why privatising the Land Registry makes no sense

In March, the government announced plans to part-privatise the Land Registry. You’ve probably heard that Channel 4, along with the Ordnance Survey and Air Traffic control, may also be up for sale. Normally, […]

BHS collapse: how capitalism is eating itself

The model of big business in the UK is failing, and BHS is just one example

The sharing economy: the good, the bad and the real

Whether it’s hailing a taxi, finding somewhere to stay on your travels or arranging help at home, new and sophisticated websites and apps are ripping up traditional business models. Services such as Uber, […]

ScotPound: digital currency for the common good

A new socially inclusive payment system for Scotland

Financial system impact of disruptive innovation

Working paper for the United Nations Environment Programme inquiry

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