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Britain’s coastal communities are threatened by climate change

Will those living on the coast lose their homes?

Change on the coast

A new partnership between NEF and Local Trust will put coastal communities in control of their future.

Earth or Mars, the future is all about reusability

From recycled products to a circular economy, we must invest more to create an innovative energy future.

Support local action now to build a cleaner energy future

We need governments to support community efforts to create cleaner energy, not create barriers

Britain’s beaches matter

Action needed to protect our coastline

World Earth Day… and a future without coal?

Let’s demand that politicians secure a fossil-fuel-free future for all

Budget 2017: Heavy on air pollution, light on innovation

The Chancellor’s Spring Budget did little to tackle climate change – but community action to shape a better future for our planet is taking place across the country.

Turning back to the sea

A Blue New Deal to revitalise coastal communities

Blue New Deal

Good jobs for coastal communities through healthy seas

Fish dependence – 2014 update

The reliance of the EU on fish from elsewhere

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