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Our broken economy is taking its toll on our health

We drastically need a new caring economy that can provide effective and timely healthcare

Watch: Video: Let’s clean up toxic air

People’s lives are being blighted by traffic and toxic air.

Why it really is time to make the polluter pay

New campaign calls for a Climate Damages Tax

Total pay has reached lowest monthly level in two years

Responding to today’s ONS Labour Market statistics, New Economics Foundation looks at what’s going on behind the headline figures on wages and inflation. Alfie Stirling, Head of Economics at the New Economics Foundation, […]

NEF in the news, April 2018

Media coverage of the New Economics Foundation

The war on solar

The Government were warned what scrapping the Feed-In Tariff would do – and now it’s happened.

How the broken land market drives our housing crisis

Landowners have too much power over what gets built in our communities.

Let’s clean up toxic air

Help a community crack down on air pollution

‘Proptech’ could exploit renters like Uber does workers

Software solutions won’t fix our broken housing system

What conversations about Cambridge Analytica are missing

There is a bogeyman here – but it isn’t the consulting firm

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