The second UK interdependence Report

Released to mark the day that the world as a whole goes into ecological debt, this report reveals the many ways in which Britain is becoming increasingly dependent on the rest of the world to fuel our high-consuming lifestyles.

In particular, Chinadependence reveals a striking rise in our dependence on a wide range of Chinese imports. And, because the greenhouse gas pollution that results from their manufacture is blamed on China, not the consumers in the UK, we are turning China into our environmental laundry’ with devastating consequences for the planet.

Chinadependence also reveals that Britain’s dependence on the rest of the world for basics like food and energy is still rising. The report, the second overview of the UK’s place in the international system by nef, shows that the burden in terms of resource consumption that our lifestyles exert on the fields, forests, rivers, seas and mines of the rest of the world is still increasing despite increased public concern about climate change.

This comes as other research shows that a high quality of life is as easy to achieve at very low levels of consumption as at high levels, and as awareness is growing that the pursuit of high-consuming lifestyles undermines well-being.



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