Up In Smoke? Asia and the Pacific

Revealing the scale of climate impacts on international work

The biggest study yet from the unique coalition of major UK poverty and environment groups reveals scale of climate impacts on international work and says that immediate action is needed before Asia goes Up in Smoke’.

Up in Smoke? Asia and the Pacific is the most extensive and concluding chapter of a unique, four-year long exercise by the Up in Smoke coalition — an alliance of the UK’s major environment and development groups.

Four years ago, the coalition set out to assess the impacts of climate change on efforts toward poverty reduction around the world from the point of view of practical, community-based organisations engaged in designing responses to a changing environment.

This, the latest and most comprehensive report from communities around the world on the front line of climate change catalogues the threat climate change poses to human development, and the growing consequences of inaction on the issue.

It shows how, across Asia, people and communities are already acting to reduce the worst impacts of climate change. But the report says, there is not a moment to lose. Unless a decisive international agreement is reached, and soon, the lives of those living on the front line of climate change will go up in smoke.

The Working Group on Climate Change and Development are: ActionAid International, Bird Life International, Care, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Columban Faith and Justice, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Institute for Development Studies, IIED (International Institute for Environment and Development), MedAct, nef (the new economics foundation), onecliamte​.net, Operation Noah, Oxfam International, Panos, People and Planet, Practical Action, RSPB, Tearfund, teri Europe, World Vision and WWF.

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