Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth?

Climate change is a daunting threat and sacrifices must be made to save ourselves and our planet

We tend to see climate change as an overwhelmingly daunting threat requiring impossible sacrifices if we want to save ourselves and our planet.

But it’s time to rethink – a range of notable experts share a conviction that living well needn’t cost the earth.

In this book is the collective vision of a diverse group of well-known, trusted names. Each offers a personal take on what a good life really is, and how to achieve it in different spheres from food and happiness to politics and work. This book offers personal revelations, innovative ideas and some practical tips.

  • If we change the way we buy food could we really eat our way to a better world?
  • What are the design ideals for building stylish but sustainable communities and cities?
  • Is our consumer society consuming us and would living within our means bring greater well-being?
  • Can we re-learn how to savour simple pleasures and enjoy a happy and ethical lifestyle?
  • What role should politicians play in providing the vision and policies for us to live in this warming world?

Here is the hope and inspiration we need to reframe how we think about crucial environmental and lifestyle issues, and what we’re willing to do for a healthier planet and more satisfying lives.


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