Community Empowerment Discussion Toolkit

A toolkit for groups to decide the big issues that affect them

Developed in association with Inspire East, this tool kit aims to help groups to work together to decide on what issues are important to them in their community.

It generates ideas so groups can go on to plan activities and services for their local area.

The kit is packed with inspiring stories about what groups from across the UK have achieved in their local communities and practical information to help think about what’s possible in your area.

The Toolkit is great for any group that wants a way in to think about how they can work to improve their local area. In particular, though, it was designed for use with two types of local groups that are working out what issues to tackle (and empowering themselves along the way)

  • Community groups and local citizens groups, especially newer ones, that are still working out what they want to do;
  • Parish and town councillors, particularly if they are wondering whether to develop a parish plan.

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