Who’s the Entrepreneur?

The BizFizz Story: Unleashing the passion, transforming communities

An invitation to activists, entrepreneurs, professionals and students of regeneration, business support and development to challenge the very basis of support systems and development project approaches both in the UK and internationally.

To all of the people who have the appetite to challenge the status quo, and the curiosity to seek alternative visions of the future — we invite you to join the value-driven approach to change – one versed in the belief in individuals and the combined power of their dreams to transform their communities.

The BizFizz approach contributes to lasting change within the local economy, by supporting business initiatives which are driven by people with a passion for them to succeed. It develops social capital through building supportive networks around entrepreneurs and mobilises under-utilised resources. – knowledge, contacts, premises, finance.

Find out more at www​.biz​fizz​.org​.uk



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