Bringing communities back together after Brexit

Developing an inclusive and outward-looking agenda

In the months following the EU referendum there has been an upsurge of hate crime on the streets and open xenophobia on public platforms. But Britain’s future economic success will not be built by turning away from the world or by seeking to divide our communities between migrants and non-migrants.

Instead, we are developing an inclusive and outward-looking agenda that will help people really take control of their lives. This includes our work on the Blue New Deal — reviving coastal economies where people feel abandoned by the political elite.

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Dukas Ju

We will conduct new research on the impacts of migration in communities across the UK. We have a responsibility to root political debate back in facts, not fears.

We have a responsibility to root political debate back in facts, not fears.”

But we will also build an open platform for internationalism in a national debate that is increasingly turning away from the world so that leading figures from all political parties, as well as businesses, communities and campaigns, can come together over issues ranging from tax evasion and climate change to protecting aid budgets.

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