The New Economics Zine

Issue 1: Change the rules

We’re excited to announce the first issue of the New Economics Zine! This zine isn’t designed to be the usual thinktank academic journal. We’ve got articles from youth climate strikers, seasoned economists, organisers and campaigners. This first issue is about changing the rules of the economy so it works for people and planet.

With articles from Christine Berry & Joe Guinan, Miatta Fahnbulleh, Guppi Bola, Frances Ryan and many many more. This zine is for you, and for the movement, so we hope you enjoy!


  • Editorial: change the rules / Sofie Jenkinson and Margaret Welsh
  • New economics are the method: the goal is to change the world / Laurie MacFarlane
  • Where next for the British economy? / Grace Blakeley
  • The explainer: recessions / Sarah Arnold
  • Moving beyond Brexit: an agenda for national renewal / Miatta Fahnbulleh
  • Turning the tide on coastal communities / Fernanda Balata
  • It’s time to decide our climate futures / Margaret Welsh
  • Two generations swap notes in the fight against the climate crisis / Ann Pettifor and Jamie Margolin
  • Why we must decolonise economics / Guppi Bola
  • Disabled parents living under austerity / Frances Ryan
  • Who owns the economy? / Mathew Lawrence
  • Work, women — and real choice / Alice Martin
  • The future is ours / Carys Roberts
  • The blame game / Maya Goodfellow
  • People get ready! / Christine Berry and Joe Guinan
  • The practicalities of power / Sahil Dutta
  • How to make changes / Rebecca Winson
  • The review: Be The Change / Sofie Jenkinson

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Image: Charlot Kristensen

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