Recession ready: green planning to beat tomorrow’s downturn

With so much uncertainty on the horizon, join NEF to find out how we should prepare for the next economic downturn.

Adair Turner - Senior Fellow, Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)

Miatta Fahnbulleh (chair) — CEO, New Economics Foundation (NEF)

Caroline Lucas - Green Party MP

Daniela Gabor — Professor of Economics and Macrofinance, UWE

More speakers TBC

Failure to respond to the last recession by scaling up investment in a socially just way to tackle climate breakdown was a missed opportunity. Austerity saw vital public services and investment cut back after 2010, prolonging economic pain, increasing inequality and suppressing average living standards. But worse still, failure by governments to fund a cleaner, zero-carbon economy after the recession has left a permanent scar on our planet. Not enough investment was brought forward in the crucial months after the recession.

With annual growth at its lowest in a decade, recent figures suggest Britain’s flagging economy dodged a bullet by narrowly avoiding a recession. With the likelihood of another recession now higher than at any time since 2007, the question is no longer a matter of when will the next economic downturn come, but what to do once it strikes?

Ten years on, UK policy makers find themselves once again unprepared for another recession but also in the midst of a climate emergency. Yet there is also clear potential for change. How do we get there? From Green New Deals, to carbon taxes, to green monetary policy, to fiscal rules – join NEF for a discussion of the possible responses.

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