Weekly Economics Podcast: How do we win a green recovery?

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith is joined by NEF Head of Environment and the Green Transition, Chaitanya Kumar, and Fatima Zahra-Ibrahim co-director of Green New Deal UK

We’re facing two global crises. We have scientific evidence for how to deal with both of them, but governments aren’t acting quickly enough. They both show how we are all more connected than we previously thought. And to tackle them will require massive changes in how we run our economy.

The first problem is Covid-19. The other, though it’s fallen off the front pages, is as urgent as ever: the climate crisis.

How do we keep climate in the picture? Should we bail out struggling polluting industries? And how can we make sure our Covid recovery is green? 

In this episode of the Weekly Economics Podcast, Ayeisha is joined by Chaitanya Kumar, Head of Environment and the Green Transition at the New Economics Foundation and Fatima Zahra-Ibrahim, co-director of Green New Deal UK.

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Image: Unsplash

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