New Economics Briefing: What should a green recovery look like?

Join economists and experts to map out a just, green recovery from coronavirus

Watch our online call with Dimitri Zenghelis, Senior Associate at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Jill Rutter, Senior Fellow, The Institute for Government, Sara Telahoun, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Anthesis, Lukasz Krebel, Economist, New Economics Foundation.

As the furlough scheme comes to a close, the government’s new Job Support Scheme offers little to prevent the looming unemployment crisis. At the same time, the climate emergency has not gone away. It is time for the government to act boldly and invest directly in green projects that will create hundreds of thousands of jobs whilst reshaping the UK economy for a sustainable, low-carbon future.

What role should the government play in tackling the economic and climate crises? What opportunities are there for priority, job-creating green investments? How can we ensure that a green transition is a just one, and that workers and communities have their voices heard and receive the support they need?

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