The New Economics Zine

Issue 3: What world do we want to return to?

16 months after the UK went into its first lockdown, some things haven’t changed. The government is still obsessed with the size of the public debt and trying to push through fossil fuel infrastructure projects. It doesn’t seem likely that we’ll be stepping into a new world come autumn – but perhaps the pandemic has supercharged shifts that have been happening slowly for some time. 

There have been some moves in the right direction: the government has supported people who have lost out on work through the furlough scheme, and made big noises about a green economic recovery from the pandemic. But we are still living in an economic system that doesn’t support us when we need it, that burns through the earth’s resources, and that values arbitrary measures of economic success over how happy and healthy we are – clearly, there is much further to go.

In this issue we explore the different ways the world is changing – looking at old challenges and new, from ownership over vaccines and the future of travel through to increased pressure on our social care system and consumption-driven economic growth. And each piece contains within it a challenge for how we might move things forward and how we might begin to shape the world we want to live in.

Featuring articles from Lydia Prieg, Nim Ralph, Beth Stratford, Minnie Rahman, Lani Parker, Christine Berry, Miriam Brett and many more, we hope you enjoy this issue of the New Economics Zine and that it gives you hope, inspiration for action and food for thought when looking to the future.


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Image: Jia-yi Zoe Liu

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