New Economics Podcast: The UK’s response to the refugee crisis

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith is joined by Bella Sankey

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, over 4 million people have fled the country. Earlier this month Priti Patel announced a visa application centre had been established en route to Calais for Ukrainians trying to come to the UK. But the centre never existed. Days later, the Home Office said it was actually in Lille, but would not reveal where. Officials then claimed that refugees in Calais could get free Eurostar tickets to travel to the centre — despite the fact that the Eurostar does not stop in Calais. A day later the centre was moved from Lille to a town 30 miles away.

Why has the government response been so chaotic? What are the barriers for refugees travelling to the UK? And with an anti-refugee bill moving through Parliament, what does this mean for how we treat refugees in the future?

Ayeisha is joined by Bella Sankey, director of Detention Action. Find out more about Detention Action and how you can support its work here.

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