Help transform our energy system

One third of us face higher energy bills this winter than last. For the lowest income households, it’s almost half. Politicians have moved on, leaving the rest of us out in the cold as winter sets in.

By closing the Windfall Tax loopholes they gifted oil and gas companies, the government could pay for NEF’s National Energy Guarantee to hugely reduce energy bills for 80% of households - all while reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

If you’d like to support, your donation would:

  • Build public support: Over 650,000 people and 60 organisations have already signed the Energy For All campaign calling for a National Energy Guarantee.
  • Turn local wins into national change: We’re supporting people across the country in their fights for better homes, higher incomes and a healthy environment. Help us tell their stories and scale up their victories into system-changing movements.
  • Build pressure in parliament: The Green New Deal group of MPs have already tabled a National Energy Guarantee amendment to the Energy Bill. Hundreds of new MPs are about to be elected with expectations from constituents for help with the cost of living and a mandate to reach net zero. We need support to increase our reach into parliament.

Next time a crisis engulfs politics the parties will be looking around for fully costed measures that can actually solve our problems. We understand that times are tough but if you can afford to, please give today so that help for those vulnerable to future shocks that creates long-term change is ready to go.