Climate Change: a corporate impact survey

The results of a survey of FTSE 100 and FTSE 350 companies, which asked about the effects of climate change on their finances and business operations.

A set of companies from FTSE 350 with a total market capitalisation of over £202 billion, nearly half of them listed on the FTSE 100, responded to the survey on the effects of climate change on their business operations and finances. The responses show that counter to typical characterisations of the business position, Britain’s largest listed companies actively favour the application of economic, political and legal measures to level the playing field with companies in countries that do not comply with the Kyoto agreement on greenhouse gas reductions.

From a range of multiple options to counteract the potential advantage of companies from non-Kyoto complying countries:

  • More than one in four favoured legal measures (27 per cent)
  • Nearly a third favour economic measures (31 per cent)
  • Four out of five favoured political pressure (81 per cent)
  • None thought that no measures were necessary (0 per cent)



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