Mirage and Oasis

Energy choices in an age of global warming

The cost of new nuclear power has been underestimated by almost a factor of three and the potential of small scale renewables critically overlooked according to a new report from NEF, Mirage and Oasis, released to coincide with the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy. 

Nuclear power has been promoted in the UK and globally as the answer to climate change and energy insecurity. But, as Mirage and Oasisreveals, as a response to global warming, nuclear power is too slow, too expensive and too limited.

And, in an age of terrorist threats, it is more of a security risk than a solution. Instead, renewable energy offers as safe, secure and climate-friendly energy supply system. It leaves no toxic legacy and is abundant and cheap to harvest both in the UK and globally.

Renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal could, in theory each individually meet all of the world’s energy needs.

Practically, however, as Mirage and Oasis reveals; a broader combination of renewable energy sources than is currently utilized, tapped into with a range of micro, small, medium and large-scale technologies, and applied flexibly, could more than meet all of our needs.



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