NEF Review of the Year 2012 – 2013

From tackling inequality to protecting our oceans, from reforming banks to busting economic myths, across all our work we are making significant progress in driving the transition towards a fair economic system that works for people and for the planet.

This year our victory on reform of the Common Fisheries Policy is a perfect illustration of how nef’s unique approach can transform thinking on a pressing issue and change things for the better.

Our research overturned the conventional wisdom — pushed by the industrial fishing lobby that protecting the oceans means damaging the economy. We built partnerships with Europe’s leading NGOs to push for change. And over 31,600 adults and children took part in our Paint a Fish campaign, sending their pictures of fish to MEPs and fisheries ministers in the run-up to the crucial votes.

This, along with everything else you will read about in this review, was only possible thanks to the support of the organisations and the thousands of individuals that share our vision of a fair and sustainable future; that work alongside us to make that vision a reality; that participate in our campaigns and our events; and of course, that so generously fund our work.

Financial summary

NEF is proud to be independent of political parties and special interests. We are a registered charity and rely on a broad cross section of individuals, charities, companies and public sector punders to undertake our work.

NEF’s total income for 2012 – 13 was £3,116,287. This was derived from three sources: major grants and donations, individual supporters and donors, and earned income. We earn income through consultancy services in impact evaluation and organisational development for charities, the public sector and businesses — much of it through nef consulting. These contracts do not affect our research and advocacy agenda.



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