Putting drivers at the wheel of Uber

Let's take control of the technology that will power all our futures

Our digital economy is on track to become less equal, less democratic and even more monopolistic than what came before.

We are voluntarily handing our data, the raw material of the digital age, to a handful of increasingly dominant platforms — from Google to Facebook.

We’re trading our privacy at bargain prices, whilst platform employers like Uber and Deliveroo drive down working standards and pay across an increasingly fragmented labour market. Automation offers millions a shorter working week; instead we’re dealt a hand of low wages and precarity.

Old democratic institutions have never looked so powerless. What can be done?

Taxi driver
Alfredo Mendez

We’re starting work with innovators, businesses and trade unions to assert more control in this emerging economy.

The huge economic rewards are currently enjoyed by a handful of tech giants. It’s time we stood together to hold them to account and secure a share in this future.

We can all secure a share in the value of our digital data”

We’re working together with drivers and industry experts to develop a new taxi app which will be owned and controlled by the drivers – the returns from which will keep circulating in our economy.

Mustafa Suleyman

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