The relationship between Brexit and democracy is fraught. For many, the vote to leave the European Union was a moment in which the people’ were finally able to make their voice heard. But where are the people’ now?

Yesterday evening, we hosted Brexit and the people’, an evening of discussion around bringing people back into the Brexit debate.

The panel, chaired by journalist Mary Riddell, brought together Maurice Glasman (Life peer and director of the Common Good), Rob Ford (Professor of Political Science, Manchester University), and Ruth Ibegbuna (Chief Executive, RECLAIM).

If you couldn’t make it, here are some highlights from last night.

How can we bring people back into the Brexit debate?

We need to stop sneering’ at people who voted leave…

…and understand why people voted the way they did.

Many people across the UK feel like they’ve been held back.

The referendum was about preserving their voice in our democracy.

Bringing people back into the debate

We need to think about where we have these conversations…

…and understand we are dealing with people – their stories and emotions are all tied up in this debate.

The relationship between Brexit and democracy is already fraught.

We need to bring civil society back into the conversation…

…and politicians need to make room for the British people in this debate.

A more open, democratic Britain should start right here, with a Brexit debate that includes the people’ as well as politicians.