Winning at work

How to win at work by joining and getting active in a trade union

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Precarious and low paid work has boomed in London.

  • 117,000 Londoners deal with uncertain and insecure income because they are on a zero hours contract.
  • 690,000 are earning less than the London Living Wage.
  • 58% of Londoners in poverty are from a working family.
  • Trade union density in inner London is 15.1%, the lowest of any area in the country.

As wages decline, conditions worsen and contracts become more insecure, it is increasingly important that workers organise and build meaningful power to improve their working conditions. But trade union membership in the UK has been in decline for more than three decades.

NEF has been working with a group of union branches across London since autumn 2017 to focus on these problems. We brought a group of precarious workers and union organisers together to build trust and cooperation between unions, share learning and build capacity to organise. We delivered training from organising experts, facilitated skill-share sessions, and, with the group, made three short films aimed at precarious workers.

This work was funded by Trust for London.

1. Winning at work

2. Getting started

3. Campaigning for change

To join or find more information about any of the unions engaged in the project you can find links to the relevant websites below:

BECTU Picturehouse



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