The Future of Working Time: Organising and Strategy

Workshop on organising around time in the workplace

There is no natural law determining the amount of time we spend in work.

Typical’ working hours are, in fact, a matter of collective decision-making, and have changed throughout history. Workplace organising and campaigning has always been key to winning control over our working time. Now we need to take that struggle into the twenty-first century.

Join NEF and TUC for a participatory session on organising and campaigning around working time. Hear from experienced organisers and build strategy around:

  • Winning control over working hours: how do we organise against precarious and insecure forms of work?
  • Winning a shorter working week: why should we demand it and how do we get there?

The event is open to anyone who wants to develop their knowledge of these issues and build power in the workplace. We know the best ideas will come from the group up, so come prepared to listen and share your experiences and ideas with others.


Frances O’Grady — General Secretary TUC

Lord Robert Skidelsky — Leading a review into working time for the Labour Party

Miatta Fahnbulleh, New Economics Foundation

As well as 4 Day Week Campaign, Living Wage Foundation, Autonomy, Better than Zero and IG Metall

Tickets are free but spaces are limited so book early to avoid missing out 

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