Weekly Economics Podcast: What will Biden’s America look like?

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith is joined by Kate Aronoff, staff writer at the New Republic

There’s a new president in the Oval Office and he’s ready to make some changes. Joe Biden wants the start of his presidency to be defined by rejoining the Paris climate agreement, vaccinating the country against Covid-19, and pulling the American economy out of a crisis.

But will this be enough to tackle the problems that led to the Trump presidency? Is Biden too concerned about building bridges with the Republican Party? And is America finally ready to start taking the climate emergency seriously?

In this episode Ayeisha is joined by Kate Aronoff, staff writer at the New Republic, and author of the upcoming book Overheated: how capitalism broke the planet — and how we fight back

Kate’s book is out in the UK on the 13th May.

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