A Green New Deal for people and places

What would a Green New Deal mean for communities across the country?

We can tackle climate change and inequality at the same time. The Green New Deal would not only curb the worst effects of climate breakdown but would reprogram our economy so that it works for everyone.

For this video Blake House filmmakers co-op visited people and places across the country to ask what the Green New Deal would mean for them. From farmers in Lancashire to students in Warwickshire, participants share what a fairer and greener future might look like for their communities, and express the need for a big, bold reimagining of our economy in order to get there.

Find out how we can achieve a Green New Deal here.

With thanks to Ieva Padagaite and Simon Ball at Blake House for production, and to John Hallé, Tara Choudhury, Peter Ascroft, Neil Hickson, Kay Johnson and Leon Sealy-Huggins for featuring in this video.

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