New Economics Podcast: tackling the cost of living crisis

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith is joined by Alfie Stirling and Sabine Goodwin

2022 has been dubbed the year of the squeeze’ by the Resolution Foundation. In April, soaring energy bills will collide with tax increases for working people. Last month grocery prices rose at their fastest rate in eight years, and inflation is at its highest level in almost three decades.

When the media talk about the cost of living crisis’, what do they mean? How did we end up in a country with more food banks than branches of McDonalds? And what can the government do to make sure everyone can afford life’s essentials?

Ayeisha is joined by NEF’s Alfie Stirling and Sabine Goodwin, coordinator of the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN). 

Some of the clips used in this episode are from IFAN members, supporting people in food banks across the country. Thanks to Mairi McCallum, Joyce Leggate, Charlotte White, Betty Grant and Rajesh Makwana for sharing your experiences with us. 

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