The New Economics Zine: Issue 5

Can words change the world?

We’re really excited to share the fifth issue of the New Economics Zine with you. This issue takes a look at whether words can change the world – featuring articles from Dora Meade, Paul Hebden, Nadia Hasan, Katharine Hayhoe, Ayesha Baloch, and more.


    • Editorial: Can words change the world /​Sofie Jenkinson and Margaret Welsh
    • The scene setter: Seizing the economic narrative /​Dora Meade
    • The explainer: What is framing? /​Funmibi Ogunlesi
    • Beyond outrage /​Nadia Hasan
    • Messaging that works for the messengers /​Sho Walker-Konno
    • How to keep climate top of mind /​Steve Akehurst
    • The future is already here /​Charlie Hertzog Young
    • Together, they say yes /​Karen Hand
    • The race class narrative: why we need a unifying narrative /​Jillian Marcellus
    • The race class narrative: building a new narrative /​Ayesha Baloch
    • How do we win the net zero culture war? /​Diyora Shadijanova
    • Talking tax /​Paul Hebden
    • How to start a climate conversation /​Katharine Hayhoe
    • All work and no play /​Sofie Jenkinson
    • Scroungers and strivers or systems and solutions /​Tamsyn Hyatt

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Image: Elisa Macellari

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