New Economics Podcast: Why antiracism means anticapitalism

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith is joined by Arun Kundnani

The Metropolitan Police’s diversity and inclusion strategy claims it is determined to eliminate racism and discrimination”. But the force was branded institutionally racist’, and not for the first time, in an official report this spring. Recently, a Met firearms officer has been referred to prosecutors on a potential murder charge for shooting dead Black Londoner Chris Kaba last September.

So, what does racism have to do with our 21st century economic system? How can we understand institutions who uphold racism while claiming to value diversity and inclusion? And what does it mean to truly be anti-racist?

For the final episode of this series, Ayeisha is joined by Arun Kundnani to discuss his new book, What Is Antiracism?: And Why It Means Anticapitalism.

Image:  (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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