We can’t keep hoping energy bills will fall – we need to treat access to energy as a fundamental right

Alex Chapman writes for Big Issue

Alex Chapman wrote about the Ofgem energy price cap and the National Energy Guarantee for the Big Issue:

This winter is going to hurt, again. Household finances have been decimated – cutting right through from Britain’s most destitute, to what used to be the middle class, the attacks on the monthly budget are multi-fold. Today it’s confirmed by Ofgem, energy bills won’t fall nearly enough. Indeed, as a result of the government’s premature withdrawal of support, around a third of households will be spending more on energy compared to last winter. The New Economics Foundation (NEF) has found that this winter, households in the bottom 10% will see their energy bills eat up the equivalent of a fifth of their disposable household income (after housing costs). That’s almost double what it was pre-crisis.”

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