Neoliberalism: the invisible ideology, with George Monbiot

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith is joined by George Monbiot

We live under an invisible ideology. It tells us that we are not citizens but consumers. That intervening in the free market compromises our freedom. That we are all millionaires-in-waiting — and if we are struggling to make ends meet, then we only have ourselves to blame.

This is capitalism on steroids. But few of us can even identify the doctrine we live under. It’s called neoliberalism”, and it’s been the dominant economic ideology for the past four decades.

So what does this ideology have to tell us about the world? How is neoliberalism shaping our democracy? And what has almost half a century of neoliberalism done to our lives?

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith is joined by George Monbiot, journalist and co-author of the new book The Invisible Doctrine: the secret history of neoliberalism, to discuss: how do we tell a new story about neoliberalism?

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Image by Steve Bidmead.

How do we tell a new story about neoliberalism? by New Economics Podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Produced by Amy Clancy, Margaret Welsh and James Rush.

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