Will Brett

Director of Communications

Will oversees NEF’s public-facing profile, including media and other external relations. He was previously Head of Campaigns and Communications at the Electoral Reform Society, where he ran strategy for Britain’s leading political reform campaign.

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Britain’s real top earner is property, new research shows

Millions still struggle to make ends meet in poor quality, high cost housing

Inflation bites Brexit Britain: squeeze on households continues

Brexit offers nothing but false solutions”

New Economics Foundation response to Article 50

Brexit can’t cure Britain’s crisis of control, new poll suggests

Those with least control over their lives are least hopeful Brexit will make a difference

Inflation blow to Brexit Britain: living costs continue to outstrip wages

Today’s inflation rise mounts further pressure on Britain’s households

£115m of Budget cash for social care will go to investors in five biggest firms

The private investors profiting from public funds

Now is not the time just to wait and see” — Budget response

Reaction to the Chancellor's 2017 spring Budget

Selling public land is making the housing crisis worse – new research

Revealed: the £328m cost if migrants downed tools for the day

The UK economy would grind to a halt without the contribution of migrant workers

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