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Weekly Economics Podcast: The rise of the data oligarchs

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Disrupting together

The challenges (and opportunities) for platform co-operatives

A better gig

Car services in West Yorkshire and the potential for platform cooperatives

What’s your score?

How discriminatory algorithms control access and opportunity

Controlled by calculations

Algorithms have huge influence over our lives. Could they be reinforcing inequality?

Take back technology

Technology is putting workers under greater surveillance and stress. But it can also empower.

Who watches the workers?

New technology can shift power to workers, but also means employers can more easily track their employees

The rise of the data oligarchs

New technology isn't disrupting power – it's reinforcing it

Proptech’ could exploit renters like Uber does workers

Software solutions won't fix our broken housing system

What conversations about Cambridge Analytica are missing

There is a bogeyman here – but it isn't the consulting firm

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