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Youth membership of unions grows amidst decades of decline

Despite the recent uptick, the proportion of 16-19 year olds who are members of a union has halved since 1995

Central banks must step up to the urgency of climate change

NEF welcomes report from international group of central banks and regulators but says more urgent action must be taken

HS2 will serve wealthier passengers and deliver more benefits to London than the North

Analysis from the New Economics Foundation shows that HS2 will exacerbate and not redress the UK’s stark regional economic imbalances

Austerity still biting unprotected departments like prisons, transport and environment

New analysis from NEF shows unprotected departments cut by a further 1.2% per person by 2023/24

Scrap personal allowance and replace with a new weekly cash payment

New Economics Foundation proposes the creation of a new Weekly National Allowance for all adults earning under £125,000 a year

Average weekly hours fell faster between 1946 and 1979 than post-1980

Austerity hitting UK economy by almost £100bn this year — more than £3,600 per household

New NEF analysis shows cuts to government spending since 2010 have dampened GDP growth in every subsequent year

FCA should go further and impose cap on overdraft fees to stop banks profiting from people’s misery

Stalling productivity and high working hours shows the economy not working for many

New Economics Foundation react to today’s ONS stats

£3.5bn real terms cuts to unprotected budgets after 2020

Analysis from the New Economics Foundation shows that unprotected budgets will still face cuts after 2020 despite austerity “coming to an end”

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