This is how we’ll make homes affordable

Communities are creating the the housing we need

Our housing system is failing a whole generation. Even as property and rental prices soar out of reach for millions and social housing is torn down, land earmarked for new homes is used for speculation or luxury developments. Communities are being torn apart.

The problem is most acute in our cities. But the consequences of an economy built on a housing bubble will affect everyone.


We need more control of what is deemed affordable and for whom – and what is built where, and by whom.

When community action is matched with civic powers we can halt big developers building second homes for wealthy visitors – as won by the resident-led St Ives Neighbourhood Plan — and boost community-led affordable developments instead like Granby Four Streets in Liverpool and LILAC in Leeds.

We’re working with partners like Citizens UK to empower people to identify vacant land sites where new homes can be built — and with local councils to improve and boost the number of not-for-profit homes on the public land we already have.

We can match community action with civic powers to meet real housing need.”

The problems that underlie the housing system are complex, and can’t be solved through building alone.

A growing proportion of the population rent, and their voices matter.

We’re committed to supporting renters to make collective demands for fair rents and contracts – and lead on developing more not-for-profit rented homes like the urban co-operative in Rhyl, North Wales.

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