Land for What?

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November | London

Saturday 12 November — Sunday 13 November
Resource For London
356 Holloway Road
London N7 6PA

Land plays a central but unmentioned role in our country today: widening inequality, a chronic housing crisis, dysfunctional food system, poor public health and impending climate disasters. We want to bring people together to talk about how land ownership and control is central to all these issues. Together we can unite to fight for the changes we need.

Land For What? is a collaborative space for learning about and challenging the way land is owned, controlled and used in the UK and beyond.

Join us on 12th and 13th November for a participatory weekend of learning, thinking and planning practical action.

Saturday will provide an in depth insight into where we are and how we got here. The sessions will be looking at a range of the current struggles we’re facing including housing, food & farming, public space, environment and community. We’ll be understanding their history, interrogating their causes as well as looking at the projects and tools that have been used to combat them. English Land History’, Learning from Scotland’, The Colonial Legacy’, Land Economics’ and Land Rights’ are just a few of the sessions that will be available on Saturday.

Sunday will be focusing on the questions: how do we challenge the status quo and what future do we want? Discussing our visions we will be looking at education, campaigns, coalitions, collaboration, legislation, taxation, transparency, direct action and anything else that will push us forward in our campaign to make land a common resource for all. We will also be exploring future activities, strategy and governance for Land for What?

Land for What? is hosted by Community Food Growers Network, Just Space, Landworkers’ Alliance, London Community Neighbourhood Co-operative, New Economics Foundation, London Quaker Houing, Radical Housing Network, Shared Assets and Three Acres And A Cow.

We are committed to making this event as accessible as possible. Those with young children are more than welcome to bring their children into the sessions and we will be providing childcare on site for those who would prefer their children to be less involved. The venue is completely wheelchair accessible with disabled toilets.



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