NEF launches crowdfunding campaign to build an ethical alternative to Uber

We want to build a driver-owned minicab firm and ride-hailing app

This crowdfunding campaign is now closed — thank you.

This September, Transport for London announced it would revoke Uber’s licence because it was not a fit and proper’ company to run taxi services in the capital. The prospect of Uber losing its licence places a once unthinkable alternative on the horizon: a new ride-hailing app, owned by its employees and which gives a fair deal to both drivers and passengers.

Watch: We can do better than Uber

Together with trade unionists, tech partners and passengers, we are at the core of a group of socially minded people who know they can build something better than Uber – a driver-owned alternative that is just as convenient and competitive on price, but treats its passengers and drivers with respect.

The new service ­– which we are provisionally calling CabFair ­– will put drivers and customers firmly in control of the company through an ownership and governance structure that ensures they have strong voices to guide the enterprise’s strategy.

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