Tuesday 25 September 2018
The World Transformed: HInterlands Theatre, 7 Mann St, Liverpool L8 5AF

We are hosting an event at The World Transformed on tackling the tech giants. 

Big tech companies are growing more powerful everyday, but the fightback against them is happening at many different levels: people working within tech firms are agitating for change, cities are pushing to take back control of their digital infrastructure and people who work for platforms and unions are building power and creating lasting change. It shouldn’t just be experts and entrepreneurs that shape the future of technology — the voice of workers, renters, service users, whose lives and livelihoods will be shaped by these technologies, should be an important part of the discussion. Come and hear more in this session!


  • Wendy Liu, economics co-editor at New Socialist
  • Jason Prado, software engineer and organiser at Tech Workers Coalition
  • Emma Black, Equal Care Co-op
  • Duncan McCann, researcher at NEF

This event is open to anyone with a ticket to The World Transformed. You can purchase tickets here.

NB: Registering to attend this event on Eventbrite helps us know how how many attendees to expect, but does not guarantee you a seat.