Weekly Economics Briefing 7: The future of social care after coronavirus

Featuring NEF social policy head Sarah Bedford, Unison organiser Conor McGurran, Women Budget Group’s Sue Himmelweit and Equal Care Co-op’s Emma Back.

Watch our online call with NEF Head of Social Policy Sarah Bedford, Unison Organiser Conor McGurran, Sue Himmelweit, coordinator of the Women’s Budget Group’s Policy Advisory Group, care worker Jenny Daglish and Founder of Equal Care Co-op Emma Back.

There has never been more public awareness about the importance of care. Every Thursday evening millions of people across the country clap to say thank you to care workers on the front line of the crisis.

But a grim reality underlies all of this. 10,000 care home residents have died from Coronavirus, more than a third of all recorded deaths. On Wednesday it was reported that the death toll is likely to be double the official figure. The death rate amongst social care staff is double that of the general working age population.

What has gone so wrong when it comes to social care during the pandemic? What does the experience of care workers tell us about the state of the care system before Coronavirus, and our attitudes to care as a society? How might we build a better system when this is over — one which is capable of looking after all of us, including care workers?

Image: Unsplash

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